Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Team work makes the dream work | Women In Sport

I am on a deadline. I need to lose some good damn weight for the wedding. Now I am not unrealistic paranoid mess to think that by losing a pounds it is going to turn me into a princess bride barbie type but I do want to lose some weight to feel more comfortable in my own skin and body. I will also be able to see a different in my face, which is bonus for the wedding. I have big boobs and a big bum, always have and always will so I know that I am never going to be super super skinny. It is just not my body type BUT I would like to at least shift the stone I have put on in the last 18 months.
This in mind, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to be invited to get involved with a women led project called #WomenInSport with Vitality UK. The idea is to get more women active and inspire them to join a team sport. The competitive side is certainly something that appeals to me, it is a motivation. But team sports also help to form friendships and meet some lovely new people.

To kick off the project and we were all invited to Champneys Tring Resort. I got to meet the other gorgeous women that are involved and talk about our different approaches and feelings towards exercise. We launched straight into a HIIT session, of which I thought I was ready for. But bloody hell I wasn't ready it for it. The instructor showed no mercy and felt a little bit ill afterwards. Nothing like a room full of strangers to help your competitive side kick it. I think I over did it a little maybe. This will also example why I am a quite pink in the pic below.

Thankfully, the rest of the day was all about enjoying the facilities and getting to know the rest of the #WomenInSport team. We were treated to a lunch to get to know each other as well as enjoying all of the spa areas. I also popped into the beautiful swimming pool at Champneys as a way of trying to stretch out after that dreaded HITT session.
The grounds at Champneys were truly amazing. The day was a little gloomy but it didn't take away from how spectacular the grounds were. Even though I spent a great deal of the day chatting, I came out of the spa feeling very chilled and relaxed. A glowing feeling which as lovely as I floated home.

The next part of working with the #WomenInSport team I will have the chance to meet national women's teams and see how they keeping motivated and the benefits of team sports. Can't wait! 


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