Friday, 6 October 2017

Oh hello Autumn

So we hit October at the weekend and I am so damn happy it is now Autumn. We have had a few rogue hot days but it is like someone has officially switched Autumn on. There was that autumnal feel in air and it has got just a little bit colder. This is my perfect time of year. I am not a fan of summer in this country.

Don't get me wrong I love the sunshine and long days but I am not a fan of the heat. If it is too hot you can't sleep, get way too flustered getting to work and you just end up like a sweaty mess. Hot days are to be enjoyed in a foreign county with a cocktail in hand. So see ya summer and here are some reasons love Autumn is the best.

Cozy on the sofa

This time of year I do an autumn clean. Clearing out the junk drawers and making sure that the house is really tiding and clean. I think I feel I need to do it as it is the time of year that we all start to spend more time in the house. Wrapped in blanket, cozy on the sofa watching a film is a heavenly weekend activity. To make it all even more homely the candles can come back out. We all know that you can spend a small fortune on candles but I have found some recently that are long lasting, strong smelling and not that expensive at all. Aldi are stocking a Jo Malone knock off for £3.99 and the larger Primark candles in glass pots are also fantastic.

Wearing all the layers

Jumpers, coats and scarfs, oh my. My jumper collection is pretty extensive and I love when I get the chance to get cozy and wear them all. I love colour and jumpers always seem to shine some much brighter than anything else. Keeping warm with the crazy amount of scarfs and jackets. Always tend to do a big dry cleaning run at this time of year ready for the autumn and winter months. After having to worry about the lack of clothes and fabric in the hot summer months, it always feels great to layer up again. First time you wear tights and boots for the season, oh the joy! 

Cooking at the weekend

As soon as September hit, I got my slow cooker fired up for the first time. Stews & slow cooking lamb, filling the house with amazing smells. Standard Sunday behaviour for me. I really enjoy picking out something different and new to cook then at a lazy pace going to get all ingredients in town. I am loving the new Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients recipes. They are so bloody easy to follow and cook. I am a one pot cooker and I don't have the attention span for overly complicated recipes. The principle of this book is simple, tasty and amazing food that you can put together in no time at all. Everything I have tried so far has been gorgeous. 
Jamie Oliver Messy Meatball buns


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