Monday, 18 September 2017

My Podcast Addiction

It is fair to say that I have become a little addicted to podcasts. I listen when travelling to work, on the tube and walking around day-to-day. I am also trying not to have the tv on when I go to bed. I think listening to a conversation. The sheer amount of podcasts about has exploded recently. This is mainly due to vloggers/bloggers using it of another way of talking to their audience. I love the feel that I am in on the conversation. I have been known to talk back out loud like I am actually with the presenters. Weird girl. Here is what I listen to religiously.

The High Low 

Hosted by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes I love the High Low. A massive mix of news and pop culture. I am not really one to watch the news. My only input is my facebook newsfeed. So anything that gives me a bit more of an insight into what is actually relevant in the world is a bonus. That coupled with a healthy dose of The Kardashians, love it. Discussing politics, literature, feminist, using big words that I don't understand. I do always come away feeling a little more intelligent. 

Hey, it's OK

Glamour's Hey, it's OK is based on the magazine's feature of the same name. Jo Elvin, editor in chief hosts each show with other members of the glamour team as well as celebrity guests to discuss all the issues that come up in the Glamour office. Asking "Hey, it is ok?" to the big and many of the little issues that run through our heads. There is one with Graham Norton that is especially funny. 

Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon is a babe and I have been girl crushing over her for al long time. Well, ever since her book of the same name, Crtl, Alt Delete, came out in 2016. The podcast covers the guest's relationship with social media and being online as well as work and careers. She is extremely honest, funny and it seems that no issue is off the table. A brilliant and interesting listen.


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