Monday, 7 August 2017

Stealth Bridal Shop | National Wedding Fair, Birmingham

I am a stealth shopper. I am a very quick and direct shopper. I don't agonise over thoughts of if something is going to suit me, the colour is going to look right. I don't comb the rails at the prospect of buying just something. I can be in store, look around, pay and out in a matter of minutes. Sometimes (all be it a small shop) I can get in, stand still in one spot and just look around. If I can see what I am looking for OR nothing else catches my eye, I leave. The only difference with my shopping habits and those of others if that I do this ALOT!!
I am also constantly browsing online so most of the time I usually know what I am looking for before I get to the store. All devices aren't just taken up by online retailers but I shop via Instagram, print mags, online magazines and even twitter. For me, access to what I want, want something looks like and where is it located nearest to me at any given time is very handy. My (you might call it weird, I call time efficient) shopping behaviour was certainly gonna be challenged at the possibility of buying a wedding dress.
Yes we can do research into what kind of style you like but it is commonly known that what you think you might like isn't usually what you end up with. From what I understood from friends and tv shows like "Say yes to the dress", you have to squeeze yourself into an array of dresses in the vain hope of finding the "The One". To me, this seemed like an incredible waste of time.
Finding the right bridal boutique, travelling to it as it not like they are corner shops right as well asking a bridesmaid to give up their afternoon. Getting there, filter the inevitable forced wedding chat with the sales assistants, spend all of 10 minutes realising that there is nothing there for you and leave. Step in the National Wedding Fair.
The sheer amount of dresses on offer was incredible. As with a lot of exhibitions you are free to walk through on your own. Racks and racks of lace, satin, beading and embroidery. Every combination of dress you can imagine. If you really don't know where to start, there is so much inspiration. You could spend a lot of time trying on different shapes and sizes, all the time in the world or as much as your patience allows. It is a great chance to get an idea of what wedding dresses are actually like. 
For me, I loved to be able to walk around the rails without being bothered at all by sales assistants. It was an instant weight off. Pulling dresses out of the rails at my own speed and trying on what I wanted. And it worked! i found my dress and I love love love it! 
This year's National Wedding Show is late Sept & October all over the country. 



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    1. Hello, Sorry I have just seen this comment. National Wedding fair is the best!

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