Saturday, 19 August 2017

Sleepy no more | Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

It's simple. This stuff is bloody amazing. I initially bought it for my boyfriend as he has terrible trouble sleeping and I am always looking for tips and tricks for a better night's sleep. I think I might have heard about this via The Stylist Magazine and headed to my local Lush - sold out. Massive one on Oxford St - sold out. Eh! hello, why didn't I just buy online in the first place, ordered it straight away and now I think I need to bulk buy. Here's how it changed my sleep routine.
It was described in the press as a "miracle lotion" for insomniacs. But did I believe the hype? Well it is packed with smoothing ingredients that are known for getting anyone off to sleep. But was it that powerful that exhausted mums have been smothering it on themselves as well as their children. That the whole internet is singing it's praises. 
 James has been away this week and as he likes to have the tv on to fall asleep so I took the opportunity of having a tv free bedtime routine. I have been getting into bed and doing a little reading to try and calm my brain a little. Using Sleepy I'd sitting upright and rub the lotion all over my arms, chest and neck. It mentions to apply to your entire body but I didn't see the need for that. Once I was done, I'll snuggle into the duvet I can only describe a little warming feeling. You can smell Lavender slightly but it is not overpowering. Lush describe it as dreamy and that is kinda on the money. As you smell the lotion cozy in the covers it does seem to help you drift off into a dreamy state.
I have been waking up feeling refreshed and like I have had a deep night's sleep. It has been a noticeable different so far. Such a relaxing scent that I need to keep using it I think. It's been taking away the anxiety I feel before falling to sleep. As I focus on the smoothing smells I seem to drift off into a deep sleep. It also seems to keep me asleep for the whole night. I am a bugger for waking up at 2 or 3am but since using Sleepy I have been staying asleep the whole night. Believe the hype.


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