Sunday, 16 July 2017

Where the hell have I been?

Now. Did you think that you I'd got lost? Why has my blog been so quiet and where the hell have I been? It has been looking just a little bit bleak, I haven't posted since April. I still have been thinking about it, writing down some ideas, it has almost been calling out to me but still nothing. Well, life has well and truly got in the way. Now here come the excuses...cough...reasons why it has all been a bit quiet recently.
He tried to kill me in Austria. We went off to Austria for Snowbombing Festival. Austria, the snow and the mounatins were utterly breathtaking but after roughly 30 minutes of trying to snowboard I knew that it was for me. The gear, the passes and walking around like an teletubby just to throw yourself down a mountain all seemed like too much of a faff to me. I had lessons before we went and naively thought that the "real" snow would be exactly the same NO WAY. It is also bloody hard work. No one mentions this. Carrying all your gear, boots, the board up a mountain and around the resort all the time. Clipping yourself into everything all for that 200m run that you might negotiate without falling on your arse IS BLOODY HARD WORK. The music was good but not the usual full on festival line up I am used to, highlight of the day got to be getting cozy after a long bubble bath. After gaining some pretty enormous bruises, I was ready to come home.   

Home improvements & failing. After being in the house for two and half years, it is time to decorate it all over again. everything is starting to look a bit shabby so out comes the paint brush. I made a really good start by tackling the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon but knew that the hallway needed the most of the attention. I have some time owing so took a few days off to get it all done on my own. Dad popped around one Saturday afternoon to help take the radiator  off the wall. A few weird noises and some swearing ended in "Terri, you better come and see this".
The whole radiator had dropped from the wall and pulled most of the wall off with it as well. A nice little verse of "Well, when you buy an old house" from Dad, got the sharpe end of my tongue and the decorating was cut short while I was fanatically trying to find a plasterer to piece the wall back together. 

Work troubles. Roughly twelve weeks ago, our department were told that there would be some change to the structure and reorganisation of jobs/roles. The flood gates opened with questions and speculation that no matter how much of "We won't know until we know" will satisfy your mind wondering if you have a job or not. I felt like I was on quite a rollercoaster. Some weeks I was happy to carry on with work in the same way but I couldn't help but be a bit demotivated as doubts lingered. It was all ok in the end but subconsciously thinking or not thinking about for such a long time was exhausting. Very happy that I finally feel I can get back to normal at work.  

Trying to lose weight. I now have my wedding dress on the back of the bedroom door as a constant reminder that I want to drop pounds for the wedding. I want to get back to running all the time and I've really been struggling in the past few months to get my running mojo back. Recently, some friends got me involved in a local bootcamp for women that has really really helped. I have noticed a real difference in motivation and fitness level has increase just that bit more that I am not coughing up a lung every time I run around the park. Still got a long way to go but taking the right steps. Pardon the pun.

So you can see, I haven't just been lying around. There have been some things to fill my brain and keep me busy. I'll try not to be so neglectful going forward. Soz.


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