Monday, 24 July 2017

Leeds Life | After work shopping haul

People always mention that I must love working in London as Oxford Street is just a tube ride away. But in Leeds I am only a 2 min walk from Trinity and a load of amazing high street stores. That combined with the fact that everything stays open until 7pm or in some cases 8pm, it is deadly. Well, I say deadly but I obviously love wandering around the shops like my usual magpie self. Today I saw and I grabbed at a Levis jacket from the newest of their collection, the Altered Trucker Jacket.
I confess that I do have a man on the inside at Levis so I get a discount BUT still this is a utterly different style for a Levis standard trucker. Collarless and a raw edge at the bottom it is going to love lovely with some floaty maxi dresses if we get the summer back. 
Ok, so I might have bought a few more things like a new Mac Retro Matte Lipstick, colour aptly Personal Statement. This lipstick lasts all day which is utterly amazing for work. Pop it on in te morning but don't have to worry for the rest of the day.
I only allow myself one walk around the city centre each trip to Leeds if any as I could get into some trouble with everything that comes home. Mustn't shop after work, MUSTN'T shop after work. 

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