Saturday, 8 April 2017

The "Please don't faff me" Bride

It is fast approaching a year until we get married. I can't bloody believe it. Getting engaged in July 2016 and deciding on a wedding date of May 2018, it seemed SUCH a long way until we would wed but oh no! Time is ticking on. 
Taken at the National Wedding Fair in Birmingham. Rock N Roll Bride Magazine is a helping me no end with much needed non faff inspiration
We have been planning, making big decisions, my use of Pinterest and obsession with paper pom poms have gone into overdrive but I must admit that I can't stand all the faff! And by faff I mean, the constant talking about it, constant silly questions like "What is your theme?" "What atmosphere would like to create?" The faff is taking too long over a decision, the faff is agonising over a napkin or a bridesmaid hairstyle, the faff is worrying that everyone is going to have a good time.

Don't get me wrong. I am beyond happy to have found a man that makes me very happy, I am very in love and generally shocked most of the time that he puts up with me. These little moans are not that I don't what to get married but a way of me venting the continuous eye roll that I am experiencing.  

I am a pretty practical person, organised and decisive. I am quick to make decisions and usually quite confident in those decisions. If I make a bad call, it can usually be fixed or find another way around it. It is my mission as we head down the aisle to cut the crap and stop the faff. I am increasing feeling the need to vent so be warned that many don't fuss, non faff posts coming up. 



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