Saturday, 11 March 2017

What a Joy!

I've been on one of my bi-monthly trips to Leeds and popped into Joy on my lunch hour. Now I knew of Joy but all of the small London store that I have come across seem to only have had a tiny amount of what the retailer had to offer so it has never really stuck in my mind as somewhere to regularly visit. It was somewhere to buy a card and a quick present but never for homeware and to update the wardrobe.
The Leeds store is HUGE and has so much to look at. All of the homeware is amazing. There isn't any furniture however it is a ton of decorative treats for the home. Lots of photo frames, candles and decorative bits. Kinda feel in love with this blue fish vase below. Gonna have to wait until I get up North again I reckon as it isn't online (tears forming in eyes).
Again pardon my rudeness but never really thought about their clothes either but look at this gorgeous blouse. Louche Abinaya Face Print Blouse is very cute.  
Interesting use of a shed in a store for dressing rooms, well if you have got the space eh?!


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