Sunday, 12 February 2017

Valentine's Day Edit

It's Valentine's day this week. Kinda annoying that it is a Tuesday night, Can't really enjoy a glass of fizz or two when you know that you have to go to work the next day. We have opted for a Valentine's Day Dine in for two from good old Marks and Spencer. I love the deal anyway but they do seems to make it extra special for Valentines. Nice couple of steaks, posh starter and a lush bottle of red wine. Gonna watch "Girl on the Train" on Sky store for an all round cute night in.
Some people don’t “do” valentines but I love a reason to think about little treats for someone else. I have bought James a few little love tokens and a brilliant card of which I am not going to share here just in case he spots it. Alot of people will have celebrated with a loved one over this weekend but with a few days to go until the official day, I thought I’d put together a little last minute gift guide for any of you that are stuck for a little gesture.


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