Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Getting crafty | Painted Faux Leather

I have been seeing a lots of painted leather jackets around that I have been lusting after. Too amazing for words. The likes of Laurie Lee  are in fact pieces of artwork, not just any old leather jacket. I generally have a "I can give that a go" attitude so over the Christmas holidays I did indeed give it a go. I was a bit poorly while already off work so I might have had a bit too much free time on my hands.
Let's get this straight. I had no guide, no step by step how to. I popped to the local art shop for some fabric paint and brushes and thought I would give it a go. I was kinda making it up as I went along. As mentioned some of the painted leather jackets I have seen have are beautiful painted designs that I could never achieve, I am just not that artistic. So I needed a template. With the help of some social media decisions on the best phrases to use, I settled on "Bring me sunshine". I love Morecambe & Wise and their theme tune is always in my head.
I think that the pics speak for themselves a little. Worked on printing out the phrase in a good sized font. I used dafont to pick a nice bold font for the template. Working with the printed paper on the back of the jacket to position the words until it felt right. PAPER CUTTING. Armed with my paper knife I cut out the template and positioned back on the jacket again.
The painting took a lot longer than I thought it would. I started by following the paper cutout to give the line of the letter. Once I had this painted on the faux leather, I painted the rest of the letter freehand. Each letter took around three coats to achieve a bring block colour - hence the time it took.
For my first attempt, I am super chuffed. Definitely gonna try something a little more fancy next time.


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