Monday, 2 January 2017

Looking back at 2016

I know that it is a massive cliché but this time of year to perfect for reflecting and making plans for the coming year. The first thing that comes to mind is clearing out the kitchen cupboards and finally sorting out my knicker drawer but it is a little bit bigger than that. It is a chance to look back at what has happened in the year, taking stock and maybe working out what you could have done differently. Reflecting can be quite a therapeutic activity. I think that whole reason that I started this blog in fact was out of pure selfishness, I wanted a personal diary of some kind. I use all of my social media the same way, capturing what has happened in the last 365 days. So what has happened in 2016?

Started blogging 

For such a long time, I have followed bloggers and really wanted to start one for myself. Over the past few years I have been doing up the house that I have bought myself as well always crafting something or another. My best mate had always encouraged me to share. There was always the "You should write about this" comments. For me, I really didn't know where to start. I had tried working with wordpress in the past but just found a bit too fiddly. I felt like I couldn't just start writing, I needed a platform that looked good as well. About this time last year I started again with Blogger (loads better interface to use) AND got myself a half descent design from Pipdig. As I felt I had a half decent design it encouraged me to create. Almost like built it and the writing will come kinda feeling.

Since then I have built on everything that I have already created. Google is your friend, if you want to add something to the blog you can, simple. There is always going to be some kind of widget that can help you. I wanted to add categories to the posts - did it. I wanted to add a buy now shopping feature to them - did it. Something that I want for 2017 is to get more structured and follow a schedule for posts. At the moment, it is all about when I have time. I am not gonna go crazy but I think that I can manage to commit one blog post and a shopping refresh a week.

Bloody got engaged! 

Holy crap! I wasn't expecting this one at all. James and I had been together for 18months, he had moved in quite quickly and we had talked about marriage and kids for the future. BUT the future, as in the future meaning a year away or in the next few years. Not in a matter of months. Off we went for a quick trip to Dublin for the a few days, unbeknown to me he had a beautiful Tiffany ring in his pocket. Looking back, the whole day was quite funny. He was making so many suggestions for us to do things and I quite shutting me down. Why do I want to walk around a park when all I want to do is walk around the shops, I mean come on! He managed to find a moment in a gorgeous restaurant Balfes when I wasn't moaning and quiet enough. After an amazing meal, some champagne turned up and he popped the question! I was shocked to my core and beyond happy that this wonderful man wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

 Realising I have a problem

I am generally quite a happy, sunny person. Optimistic, always look on the bright side and definitely glass half full. I have always struggled with anxiety leading to problems with sleep. As well as having issues with seasonal affective disorder. I have always known that these have been issues for me but I something that I have always brushed under the carpet or dismissed. "I'm fine, I'm fine" whilst crying into a cushion. I have learnt recently that I need to address the problem when it comes up and talk about it. Take steps and be proactive otherwise it only comes back even stronger next time. STOP & solve it is my moto going forward. Realise that you have an issue and help yourself. 

So here's to an amazing 2017, it's gonna be a blinder.


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