Saturday, 3 December 2016

Roar! Dinosaur Obsession

Prehistoric fashion. Well it is not coming for Spring/Summer 2017 I reckon but there have always been hints of a T-Rex on the catwalks and something can always be found on the high street without heading to the Natural History museum gift shop. I started with a nod to dino with this Orelia Dino necklace below.

Next to some things that are not really in my reach. Coach launched last week on Regents Street, London. With a massive neon "Rexy" in the window I have to pop in. Way back in May, I saw my first Coach Dinosaur patch tote bag in New York. Not one to shy away from something a bit weird, I started lusted after it.
There was also an amazing knitted dino jumper but back to the high street for me. Here is a few more prehistoric inspired items.......
Asos Dinosaur Onesie

Dinosaur Print Loose Grey Sweatshirt

Dinosaur Necklace


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