Thursday, 29 December 2016

Loungewear for the next week

If you are lucky enough to have just a few days off over Christmas, I'll bet at least one of those days will be in your PJ's. I fully intend to spend as many days as possible lounging around. Crazy busy days at work and travelling around so much, I am officially knackered. So now to relax. A set of PJ's that you might have had a while, a unicorn onesie, some floral designs from Cath Kidston or a set you grabbed from Primark, it's your go to for a lazy day at home.

The rise of the onesie over the past few years has also seen the need for some more sophisticated. Working from home in your Care Bear Onesie (true fact. I have one, see Instagram for evidence) gets a raised eyebrow from the postman and some funny looks if you pop to the corner shop for milk.

As a result, I thought it was be handy for a quick look around for some good loungewear. Mine of choice is this Space Cadet Sweatshirt & Joggers from Topshop. Must admit that I haven't had the best experience with Topshop PJ's, ones that I have had in the past have gone all worn and bobbly after a few washes. But these are made from a thicker jersey so I think that they should last. AND a result, that I managed get these in the sale - tenner each!

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