Saturday, 19 November 2016

Oops! Accidental quick shop | Topshop & Office Boots

So it just happened, I did an accidental shop. I was in Leeds the other night and literally popped into two shops. I ended up seeing items that I have been after for a while. It was obviously total fate.
The boots, oh the boots! These are the Office Lucky Charm Studded Boots. I choose the gold hardware as they do come in black with silver, red with gold and white with silver. Tried these on a while ago but I have been thinking about them ever since. And then I just seem to see them everywhere on Instagram and my newsfeed. Didn't help that my gorgeous bestie had already got them so i obviously was full of friend jealousy. Standard. 

My trusty Topshop Jamie Jeans needed replacing. These are the best skinny jeans I have ever had. My old ones had started to wear around the top thigh area so before I ended up with a rip, they needed a backup. Due to my 5ft nothingness, I do always need to buy petite jeans with 28 inch leg but even this can be too long in trousers some times. Topshop Petite is always my first thought for jeans. Perfect situation as you usually know that you can replace your favourite ones with the same or something at least very similar.

This red jumper is so red that I could resist. Double Panel Jumper, high neck to keep out the cold and so red you will hardly be missed. I have teamed this up with my bright pink coat recently that seemed to have got a lot of love.

The stripe tee is actually a Mono Stripe Midi Dress by Boutique I bought this online but the size wasn't right and then it ended up going out of stock. Hello! to the last chance to buy rail and there it was. It is not as oversized on me as it is in this picture below but love it with a leather jacket.
Quick links below to shop the same or similar xoxo

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