Thursday, 6 October 2016

Mini Trip to Ireland | And I got engaged!!

So I got engaged! Can't tell you how shocked I am still and I think that it was about twelve weeks ago now. I keep forgetting and then look at my hand with the most amazing Tiffany engagement ring on it and it all comes flooding back. But this all started with a lovely quick trip to Dublin.......
James had to work in Dublin so I took the opportunity to join him for a few days away. A brilliant chance to explore a new city. Travelling from Birmingham airport (which is only a short train ride away from us) super quick flight later I was on my way to the city centre. Stright out of the airport and on a bus, was so easy via Airlink Express.
I met James from work and after a couple of drinks headed to The Winding Stair. Absolutely gorgeous food and I didn't know this before an very literary history. The bookshop and cafe was named after the Yeats poem which makes reference to the winding staircase up to the restaurant. Highly recommend this place if you are only in Dublin a short about of time. Check out some review here 
As we only had a short amount of time, I wanted to make sure we at least got a feel for the city. For me this ultimately means seeing something cool, shopping and food. I had heard so many people raving about the Guinness museum, The Guinness Storehouse so we headed there for something to do.
It was a short walk for the hotel to the storehouse and saw some pretty cool street art on the way there. All of the cobbled streets around the old storehouse were amazing, it felt like you were stepping back in time a little. The museum was filled to the max with all things Guinness as you could only imagine. Walking through the preconceived Guinness journey, you start with the actual making of the black stuff, the history of the factory in Dublin right through to all of the advertising. There is also the chance to have a masterclass in pouring, James and I both agreed that we were already experts in this field so not need for the lesson. You finish the tour with a drink, there is a bar at the top of the storehouse with some brilliant views of Dublin. As our tour time was 9:30am, a 10:30am pint of Guinness was a little too early for me. But I tried my best obviously.

Early doors walking and a pint of Guinness down, we were hungry. Headed to the Whitefriar Grill. States that it is the best brunch in Dublin and didn't disappoint.
To be honest, I really wanted to spend the rest of the day walking around the shops but I think that James was after doing something a bit more worthy. Walking around Dublin city centre we kept coming across this bright yellow tour bus. The Viking Splash Tour is a little bit unconventional but it was actually a really good way of seeing the city and getting some more history. I was a bit concerned when the thing when on water but all very safe.
And so I then got to shop, thank the stars (mini mood over). We had a really early flight the next day so decided on an early dinner. James had been to Balfes the night before we some work colleagues and raved about it so I booked a table quick. It was so so good. A dinner of oysters and steak made me very happy. How did I ever know what was about to come next, James proposed. There were tears, me in tears, the waitress in tears and I think even James shed a tear. So unexpected and the perfect proposal. The lovely people around us took lots of pictures and Balfes were kind enough to bring us a dessert to celebrate with as well as all of the fizz that were drinking. Just about coming out of my love drunk daze.


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  1. Congratulation for your engagement. I enjoyed your blog. Ireland is a beautiful country and magic in the air. I am excited for my Ireland trip and want to know must sees in Ireland. Thanks for sharing beautiful blog.


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