Friday, 15 July 2016

Larry the Lobster | My new friend

I have died and gone to Tatty Devine heaven, may I introduce Larry the Lobster. I'll begin by blaming eBay. I was aware of this amazing necklace but as it was a pretty pricey always discounted it slightly. Browsing eBay and saw Larry at a faction of the price, I was hooked. With the potential chance that I could have this piece, I got so excited.

As the bids rose and rose, it sold close it what it would have sold for in the store. So I gave up and admitted defeat. But I just couldn't get Larry out of my mind. Wandering through London one afternoon, I found myself passing Tatty Devine, Covent Garden. "Oh, I just pop in and try it on!'

BIG MISTAKE!! Bought Larry home that day. So happy that Larry has a home in Northampton. I must admit that I do get a few looks when I wear him but don't care, I love him.

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