Saturday, 18 June 2016

New York State of Mind - Part 3

Oh what a hot day! Not dressed the best in jeans and a shirt for the day but it didn't stop us wandering. This was actioned packed as much as the others, all about the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. We decided to not go on an official tour of Lady Liberty as you can get the Staten Island ferry for free that curises along quite near it. In hindsight I'd wished that we had done the tour for James' sake it's not like we are going to be going back soon. We just didn't get as up close to it as I would have liked.
You get Staten Island ferry from Battery Park so as we come back from Staten Island, we were back in the park to hire some bikes. I have done this before and I must say that it is alot more organised than it has been before. There are a great deal more cycle paths and lanes for the bikes this time and it made it so much easier to get to the Brooklyn Bridge. It is pretty amazing to cycle over the bridge and see it that way. Definitely worth it. 
We decided that we wanted a little bit of luxury dining while we were away. So we got all dressed up and headed to The River Cafe. This is a beautiful magical restaurant across the Brooklyn Bridge with views looking back into Manhattan. The food was amazing and the service was old world. My handbag even got it's own little footstool so I was very impressed. The views are quintessentially New York and stunning. 
Friday was the first day that we had trouble with the weather. It poured it down in the afternoon but managed to escape getting wet in the morning. We had been on the go constantly by this point that it was nice to be a bit more relaxed. After a lazy morning, we headed out for another day of mainly indoor activities. I had never seen the Love Sculpture in New York, I have seen it featured in so many films and tv programmes but never up close. Pretty impressive and as it was on the corner of 6th Ave, 55th St, not too far from the hotel. Not going to lie, most of Friday was spent shopping, well it was raining. Spent quite a bit of time in Bloomingdales. You can see what I bought here.
After Bloomingdales, we headed to Grand Central Station. Absolute must if you are in the area.
I reached out to so many of my friends for any recommendations for the NY trip and SO SO many said that we should go to Katz's Delicatessen. I had been here before but James definitely had to experience this. It's the best pastrami sandwich that you are ever going to have. Not for the veggie's I am afraid. This is old sckool new york, around for about for over 100 years and still a family business. There are other things on the menu but it really is the hot pastrami sandwiches that are the best. The hot meat is cut in front of you and served with pickles, amazing!
The walls are lined with pictures of the rich and famous that have visited, this is also the site of the infamous "When Harry met Sally" scene when she pretends to enjoy herself a but too much.


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