Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lips Sequin Sweatshirt DIY | Why buy when you can make

Crafting Saturdays! Sometimes when the feeling takes me I do like to make something. Also sometimes I look at a gift or an item of clothing and think "I can make that", so I go ahead and do it. Sometimes the end result isn't the best but at least I've given it a bash. I am really chuffed as this latest attempt has turned out really well.
You may or may not recognise this design. Markus Lupfer is a fantastic designer however his sweatshirts and jumpers aren't cheap. I have loved this lip design for ages and after watching eBay with no result I thought that I would give it a go making it (for about £20 I might add) Follow these easy steps and you can have one to.
What you will need:-
  • Sweatshirt. This one is from H&M Mens but you could pick up a blank sweatshirt anywhere
  • Sequin Trim in various colours. Mine where from Amazon
  • All purpose or fabric glue
  • Scissors 
  • Lip Pattern
  • Washable fabric pen to mark the pattern
Cut out the lip pattern and place it on the sweatshirt where you want it. Draw around the outside of the lip pattern. The pen will disappear when you wash it and will be hidden under the sequins before that.
Once you have the outside lines, cut the teeth area, place on the sweatshirt and mark the remaining shapes.
Time to start gluing! Start from the inside out, so start with the teeth. Following the patterns lines, run glue along the edge of the lines and start to stick your sequins. I started with the outside edge and worked inwards in a circle. This helps to keep the pattern. Repeat until you have done all four teeth.
Next, take the black sequins (this is the empty mouth space) Use the glue to fill in the marked space that you have on the sweatshirt. To complete the mouth, take the pink trim and start on the lips. Use the pink trim to mark the outline of the lips first then continue to fill in. Working the sequins around in circles to fill in the areas and gluing at the same time.
I would say this took me about 30 minute to complete (kept me quiet for half an hour) it was a little fiddly with the glue so it took a little patience. The end result is definitely worth it.
I think that this is incredibly cute and I am super proud of myself for the little challenge. Why don't you give it a go? Happy Crafting!


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