Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Trip to Sunny Brighton

A couple of weeks ago I headed down to Brighton for a weekend. I had a ulterior motive as my best mate was taking part in the Brighton Marathon that Sunday but it was still a nice excuse for me to be by the seaside for a couple of days. I headed straight to Brighton after work on Friday night, which was meant to be a straight forward commute BUT NO! The tube being awful to me, long quenes and cancelled trains meant I didn't get to Brighton until about 8pm.
Getting a hotel or Airbnb proved a little bit of a nightmare for the weekend as the marathon was on but we managed to get a detached house about 1 mile away from the city centre. The "House on the Hill" came complete with cat and chickens to feed. There was an amazing view over Brighton, the pier and beyond.
The cat, Chubz was very very cute (lucky that I love a cute cat). After the first night, she had found her way into the bedroom and onto my pillow. Soft little puts pleading me to feed her.
After walking with Lou to pick up her running pack, I was building up a hunger. As we walked into the Lanes, breakfast was very much on the agenda and quick. I'd heard about the Kensington Cafe from a friend so headed straight there. It was small but cute, a balcony cafe about the Lanes. We managed to get a table straight away but the place filled up pretty quickly. An amazing simple veggie fried breakfast for me and about a bucket of tea.

Full weekend line up whilst ordering breakfast.
Lou was fuelling for the 26 mile run she had to do the next day, I was being lazy and eating. Luckily the sun was out whilst we were eating on the balcony but then decided to turn nasty so we just HAD to nip into shops all the way down the Lanes. A few shops I had seen before but this was a new one on me Bluebird Tea Co. Branded as tea mixologists, anyone that takes tea seriously enough to call themselves mixologists is worth a look.

Impressed that they had a tea all for me, they didn't even know I was coming or anything!!

Race day came. We were up super early to make sure Lou was fuelled correctly (again) porridge, avocado on toast and lots of water. I helped by eating the same, pure support me. Dropped her at the start at Preston Park and headed down to the sea front to get in viewing position. Logistical nightmare deciding at what point and what mile you were to try and see someone go pass. There is a lot of stress, mwah! Obviously way more stressful than running the damn thing.

Lou was doing great, we had seen her at mile 3 and mile 12, looking really strong and brilliant, total inspiration. However must confess, standing in a city centre for 5 and a half hours and I am gonna go in a shop at some point! Lucky for me, it was Cambridge Satchel Company I was so attracted to the new red medium push lock I had to buy it straight away. I love red so much, sometimes I just can't help myself, this was very much that time. Even the girls in store said that it must have been the quickest sale they had ever done. Well I was on a time crunch ladies, I had a marathon to watch!

Look at her go, 25 miles and looking so strong!!! #runninginspiration


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