Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sketch & Hemsley + Hemsley

I had to be in London for an event last Wednesday night so I thought that I would take the opportunity to have a look around Oxford St and go to Sketch. I have wanted to go to the Gallery for Afternoon Tea for such a long time, seeing the pink velour 50's styled seating and the bronzed bar plastered all over Instagram. 
The idea is that this is an art space as well as a restaurant and bar.  The walls are lined with 239 drawings from David Shrigley forming the largest exhibit that he has ever done. I think that this was the cutest and best afternoon tea that I have ever had. The china is covered in little sayings. I did think that I might look to buy some however seeing the price on the way out, maybe not so much. 
The Loos. You will look at the pics below and maybe recognise them straight away. Believe it or not, they are quite famous in their own right. The white egg-shaped cubicles are a little different, not much room in your alien style cocoon but the rest of the space is so colourful and bright. The birdsong in the background is also strangely calming. 
Hemsley + Hemsley were the reason that I was in London. I was lucky enough to get invited (Thanks Steff!) to a private Q+A with Jas and Melissa at the Oliver Bonas store on Tottenham Court Road. As part of promoting their new book Good + Simple, this was a chance to hear them talk about the book and their approach to food. We started with a lovely Hemsley Collins cocktail and were taken downstairs to listen to the girls. 
Things that I took away from the Q+A is that we need to chew and enjoy food more, try and have bigger lunches and smaller dinners and staying away from sugar. 
The book is great. Really easy recipes that taste amazing. I have already made the Fish Curry and the Beef Sinigang. Totally amazing and really simple and it suggests.


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