Saturday, 28 May 2016

New York State of Mind - Part 2

Putting these posts together and realising the crazy amount that we actually did in New York, every part of the day was filled with something new, no wonder we were knackered by Friday. Our second full day in NY was no exception. Starting with breakfast at Smiths.

I always struggle with breakfast in New York. It is usually very bread heavy and the positions are massive. I enjoy having breakfast and do think it is important but every morning of the whole trip I didn't really enjoy the breakfast that much except when we went to The Smith. We love going for brunch in the UK and this was a very brunch style place. The interior was lush, amazing tiles on the floor just like something out of Sex and the City. I had the Avocado Toast which was on the Lighter Fare area of the menu. Pure lie as it was massive, totally happy however as it tasted lovely. Really wished that we went back there another day.
Next up to walk off our breakfast, we walked the High Line. This is old railway track has been turned into a public park. This elevated freight rail line running from 34th St to the Meatpacking District was originally used to transport goods from the ships downtown. There was even cowboys! I say "was" we didn't see any in May. As the freight trains would run the line, cowboys on horses would warn people to get off the track, proof here.
The High Line is a beautiful elevated garden that cuts through the buildings. Each time I have gone to New York since 2009, there have been further improvements, it has finally all been restored. This is always worth a look regardless of how many times you have been to NY. The flowers and lush green plants mingle with the track and wood walkway.
We had a wander along in the sunshine and reached the end around lunchtime. The High Line is so easily accessible. There are various points that have lifts and disabled access. Getting to the end at Gansevoort St, there is a lot more there than there used to be. Coming to a natural end of the line, there are now coffee carts, drinks stands, food, seating and vendors. ALOT more than there used to be. But this was indeed to our benefit as we discovered Vintage Barbie & Ken. This is photographer David Parise's latest project and he was selling his prints. So amazingly unique, we have to have one. We chose Barbie & Ken going to the Empire State Building, thought it was fitting. His instagram is brilliant and keeps updating with the latest "scenes".
As we were local and hungry, we went the Spotted Pig. James had found a recommendation of this in a magazine and after a bit of research it did sound really good. I had not really planned to be in that area much over the trip so we took the chance to get some very posh lunch. I have the most amazing ricotta gnocchi. It didn't look like a lot when it came but so filling and tasted beautiful.
I can't believe that I have been to New York four times now and never been to see the Ghosterbuster Building. Unfortunately, some work was been done to the old fire station so we couldn't actually see it. Got the murals on the pavement instead. Try again next time.

A rather last minute treat for me was that I managed to get tickets to see We Are Scientists. Now I LOVE these guys and I have done for the last 10 years. In fact the reason for the gig in NY was that it  was the 10th anniversary of the release of "With Love and Squalor". So happy I was there is for the this. The gig was brilliant, WAS were on top form. We were ridiculously early for the gig so we went to a bar around the corner. Little Town NYC had the best cider and oysters. After a few two many pints we headed to the gig. BEST NIGHT EVER!


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