Monday, 28 March 2016

Screen Printing@ Drink Shop Do

You've got through the gloom of a Monday after whatever fun the weekend brought you. Got through the slog of the first day of a working week. All you want to do now is get back home. The relief of sitting on the cozy sofa but then what? Another night the same as any other. Boring.

After moaning about this to a friend at work (thanks Steff) we both agreed that we should be doing more with our evenings. Now enter Drink, Shop & Do.......
Drink, Shop & Do is a craft playground by day and cool bar by night. I have know about this place for a few years. Only around the corner from Kings Cross, it is a handy spot on the way home to Northampton.

Wanting to make more of my evenings and knowing that Drink, Shop & Do had a great list of craft events I looked up what was available. Dance classes, temporary tattoos and cross stitch with a touch of colouring in, anything goes.
We settled on Tea Towel and Tote Bag Screen Printing run by Textile Designer Zeena Shah. We were guiding through this intro to screen printing, creating our own design then finagling printing a tote bag or tea towel.

Zeena was so friendly and welcoming. We were asked sit down and taken through what we needed to do. We had some simple instructions on the table as well. Perfect addition to this was a waiter coming over to offer me a glass of wine. Crating and wine, bonus!!
First up, deciding on an design. I wish that I had maybe thought of this before we got there as I felt like we wasted a bit of time deciding on what to do. In the spirit of easter, I obviously had bunnies on the brain, first thing that came to mind.

Once, we had decided on a design, time to cut. I am always worried about this as my patience and skill isn't really all that.

Managed not to lose any fingers and no blood shed, it is ready for printing. My cut out design is placed on top of the tea towel. Went for this instead of a tote as I feel like I have a million of them at the moment with the plastic bag charge coming in.

Once the design is in place, you put a line of screen paint at the top of the screen frame. Firmly move the paint down the frame using a tool that was like a wooden plank with a plastic strip on the end, squeeze the paint through the screen onto the tea towel. Sozza no pics of this as I was actually doing it at this point.

And the end result!! Actually quite chuffed with my quick design. Steff's end design was so much better than mine! We both agreed that this was a lovely little experience. Fun if you were going with friends or some people from work but also really good if you wanted to go on your own. Zeena was helpful and we felt included in the whole group. There were so amazing designs around the room, amazed at how creative some people can be. Have a look at Zeena's instagram for more of an idea what can be done. Loads more better than my bunny.

The next session is not until June so book tickets now to avoid disappointment. But in the meantime, have a look at the calendar at Drink, Shop for other fun crafting sessions.


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