Friday, 18 March 2016

Going Solo

I'm surrounded by people currently as I commute home but I am travelling alone. Whether it is a glossy mag or online forum, I seem to be surrounded at the moment by the idea that it is "ok" to be on your own. "You go girl, you don't need anyone", but I think that is really dealing with the idea of being a singleton more than physically being capable of going about your daily business on your own.

I basically, don't known what problem is with this idea. I remember being at school at and you would only go on into town if someone else was going. Only go on a school trip of someone else was there. Must confess that this was never a problem for me. In my mother's words, I am too independent. Loving shopping too much, took me to local city centres for a stroll around. My taste in films took me to the cinema on my own when no one else wanted to come. Why should I miss out on Harry Potter at the cinema eh? Late teens took me venturing into London on my own, trying to find a vintage market that I had seen in a magazine. I would always ask for company on these little trips but for some reason I was alone and that never bothered me.

Is it just because I am an only child that I don't have a problem with this? As much as they have always mocked me for it, they built up in me a sense of independence. Very much a don't ask, don't get environment. Seize the day, take every opportunity and all that. We should banish the days of missing opportunities just because it might mean that you are doing it on your own.

I have to travel a bit for work. Sometimes I find myself in a hotel that considers a venting machine as adequate evening refreshments (eh no!) So I get over myself, forget the uncomfortable idea of sitting on my own and head out to the nearest spot that my phone recommends. Happy that I won't be eating a dry looking sandwich, look up and realise that I'm not the only one on my own there. Exclusive club of those working away from home.

After 9 months or so of gazing at a hotel room wall every other week, I decided to get out into the city of Leeds. Last week, saw Oh Wonder at the Stylus Leeds. Tickets were so much cheaper up north and the venue was really impressive. After working all day, I was a little miffed that I had to leave the hotel again by the time it got to 7:30pm but SO happy I made the effort, definately kept me entertained for the evening. Standing there on my own, watching a band solo felt a little strange but as soon as Oh Wonder came on it was all worth it. I forgot any looks or judgments and purely enjoyed the music.
Oh Wonder @ Stylus Leeds
One step too far maybe, went to a day festival on my own as few years ago. Firstly, the tickets were free, it was on a friday so hard to source company but I really didn't want to miss out. Headed to Hyde Park for Wireless Festival, spot of shopping on Oxford St before getting to the park. Remember spending a little longer at the beauty stands (yes, I had that free makeover), enjoying the smaller stages in the sunshine. This is maybe the oddest I have ever felt on my own, festivals are to be enjoyed with company, it is a shared experience. But still so happy that I went solo as I got to see Temper Trap. Right at the front of which my small (short arse) natural allows. Downside was that I missed out on Pink!. It was getting a bit dark and I didn't want to be travelling back from London too late so I missed out here #safetyfirst

It is ok to fly solo. Whatever you maybe doing, it is a chance to be more tuned in to your surroundings and you are so much more aware of what is going. Also the most of amazing feeling of totally pleasing yourself.

#Leeds #ohwondermusic


  1. Love this! I strive to be as brave as you going solo one day xxx

  2. I love doing things by my self. I think it has got something to do with being an only child as I am really comfortable with my own company!


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